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University of Kent, United Kingdom

Ben is a Lecturer (Assistant Prof.) in social psychology at the University of Kent. He studies the psychological underpinnings of political attitudes and intergroup prejudice, with a focus on how low-level social-cognitive and physiological differences are translated into higher level political ideologies. 


University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Leor is a political psychologist and neuroscientist based in Cambridge and Berlin. Her research investigates the cognitive and emotional characteristics that make individuals susceptible to ideological extremism and dogmatism. Her research seeks to integrate theoretically-guided experiments with robust data-driven techniques to map out the ideologically rigid mind. 

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University of Leiden, The Netherlands

Ruthie is an Assistant Professor at Leiden University’s department of Social, Economic and Organisational Psychology. She is a political psychologist interested in intergroup relations, ideology and emotional processes, with a focus on untangling context effects from processes grounded in trait differences related to one’s political ideology, 


Royal Holloway University of London, United Kingdom

Manos is Professor of Psychology at Royal Holloway, University of London and Director of the Centre for the Politics of Feelings. His research spans the fields of experimental psychology and social-affective neuroscience and investigates body-awareness and social cognition, and more recently the interplay between physiological states, emotions and politics.

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